I enjoy running as a means of cardiovascular exercise! Running takes my mind off everything and allows for me to reflect on stuff going on in life. I also tend to not listen to music while I run so that I can get into my head and think about things rather than listen to distractions. I have heard from my friends though that podcasts while distance running can be enjoyable.

Hiking is also fun if its possible to get a group of people together who have similar intrests. Me and the boys have hiked all around Georgia and even went to South and North Carolina which was really fun. The amount of stuff to do outside while hiking or camping is pretty enjoyable. Cooking amazing food while seeing the great outdoors is definitely refreshing to the hustle and bustle of normal everyday life.

The next thing I enjoy is PC gaming which me and my friends got into within the last few years. I think most people I am friends with enjoy gaming for the most part so when we're not hanging out in real life we're in discord playing a game together. It also helps that me and my friends can chat online because most of my friends have moved out of this state so keeping in touch is easy when we game together. We play a variety of games old to new and generally will try something as long as it is fun. However we generally try to avoid games that require too much time such as World of Warcraft or other games that just never end and keep going.

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